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Offering development support for many projects with components to finished products. Tubular components, Bends, End Forms & Flanges are one of our specialties. CNC Mills water jet and laser cutting offer competitive products. This resource site supports our stock items, and quick JIT manufacturing. We also welcome your custom bending projects.

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  • All Bending, Fabricating, Rolling & Coiling
  • All Material Types and Sizes
  • Tube Bend Angles 45°, 90° & 180°
  • End Forms, Welding & Brazing
  • Round Rectangular and Square Tubing & Flanges
  • Mechanical & Structural shapes fabricated
  • Heavy Duty Exhaust Systems
  • Stock OEM Components

Exhaust Accessories
  • OEM Components by Part Number
  • Beaded Adaptors
  • Bull Horns
  • Clamps
  • Connector Tubes
  • Elbows
  • Flanges
  • Flared Adaptors
  • Flexible Tubing
  • Grab Handles
  • Manifold Tube & Flange
  • Mufflers & Pipe Gaurds
  • Hangers
  • Universal Hangers & Mounting Rings
  • Y Pipes
  • Short Tailpipes
  • Stack Pipes
  • Splitter Tee Pipe
  • Straight Tubing

Heavy Duty OEM Truck Components
Offering replacement pipes & mufflers for:
  • Detroit Diesel
  • Ford
  • Freightliner
  • GMC
  • Kenworth
  • Mack
  • Navistar
  • Peterbuilt

Air Intake Components
  • Air Clamps
  • Aluminum Air Intake Tubing
  • Mounting Bands
  • Rubber Elbows
  • Rubber Hump Hose
  • Rubber Reducer Hump Hose
  • Reubber Reducer Sleeves

Quality you can Trust
Our QS 9000 and Military Certified Companies have been supplying tube, components, fabrications and assemblies for all industries.

Wire & Hose Assemblies


Flexible Hose Assemblies
We offer the capability to manufacture Flexible Hose Assemblies with an OD of 1/4" to 2" in unlimited lengths and with a medium pressure, high pressure, Teflon medium pressure and swaged end fittings. We offer nylon flexible hose, rubber medium pressure flexible hose and steel beaded high pressure flexible hose.

Control Cable Assembly
We offer a complete line of Mechanical Cable and Wire Rope of various sizes, either stainless steel or Galvanized sizes 1x7, 1x9, 7x7, and 7x9, for our cable assemblies. We have capability to manufacture lengths from 1" to 100'. Our cable swaging capabilities include:
  • Plain Ball
  • Eye Terminals
  • Fork Terminals
  • Stud Terminals
All swage cables are proof loaded at 60% of rated Cable Breaking Strength, unless otherwise specified.